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Tammy vs. The News!

Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s ex-flight attendant is filing a $4o million libel lawsuit against Gawker, The London Daily, The National Enquirer and several other news outlets. According to one article, Tammy Tousignant demands a minimum of $40 million dollars in damages for libel, invasion of privacy and misappropriation of personal images. According to this OC Weekly articlethe father of her two children is her husband Tom. Articles in 2003 claimed that Arnold and Tammy had an affair and they did have a child together-this is not true.

Tammy is filing for libel. Libel is defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures. Gawker, one of the news outlets to publish the libeling story, wrote an article retracting their original statement that she was Arnold’s mistress. They also took the original article down, as did the other news outlets.

The case has not been resolved yet. It cost $395 to file and has been assigned to Superior Court Judge Linda S. Marks.  I hope that Tammy wins this case. News outlets play a very important role in our society today. Everyday billions of people read a newspaper or go online to find about the latest news. And they trust that this news is true and reliable. It is a journalists’ job to report the fact-and only the facts. Being lied to makes us distrust the news outlets and makes us feel that all the information we receive is false. I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t trust the daily newspaper. The journalist who reported these lies against Tammy Tousignant should have done a better job researching and looking up all the facts before reporting anything on the case. Tousignant’s is damaged and though these news outlets posted new stories saying they were wrong her reputation will never fully be repaired.

If Tammy wins the case and the news outlets lose, the news outlets will have to be extra cautious on what they print, if they don’t shut down that is. They could lose millions if they lose this case. They will have to check every article before they print to make sure everything reported is true or suffer monetary consequences. If Tammy loses, well the news outlets still have to be careful on what they print, but they may feel that if they got away with it once, they’ll get away with it again. For the sake of our society, I hope Tammy wins because I want to read the truth!


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