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Qdoba loves Towson Tigers!

This past Saturday I attended the championship football game for Towson University. We played against Lehigh University (but sadly, we lost). All week I was excited for this game. It had been a long time since Towson made the championships in football and I was hopeful that we would win! It was all people talked about all week. Students lined up at the union everyday the week prior to purchase a $5 ticket. By Friday it was sold out!

The game was packed! People went to tailgate before the game which is always fun and gets everyone even more excited! Different music was playing at maximum volume and everyone was dancing and having a good time. About fifteen minutes before the game starts people begin to enter Johnny Unitas Stadium. Once inside you are greeted by a ton of faculty workers and there is one booth that always stands out in my mind. At every football game Qdoba  hands out coupons and other products to promote their business. During the game Doc the tiger (our team’s mascot) hold’s a “t-shirt gun” and shoots out Qdoba shirts into the crowd. I think this was a successful way for Qdoba to promote their business. I personally have never heard of the Mexican fast food restaurant before I went to the football games and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one (or maybe I was!)

However, Qdoba could do more to get the word out there. The only time I even think about Qdoba is when I’m at a football game. I get a craving for delicious nachos and quesadillas but I can’t get them while I’m at the football game-I have no time! And when I am not at the game I forget about Qdoba and go to a closer place like Subway or I’ll eat on campus. I think Qdoba should have a commercial on a popular television channel or two to get the word out. They should also sponsor more events on campus such as having Qdoba cater a dining hall one night every month or so. I’m sure many Towson students would enjoy that!

When we go to the football games we are excited. Anything we see that is supporting Towson is something we support. I think it’s great that Qdoba supports our team at every football game. All they need to do now is spread the word more!


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