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  Coca-Cola is the most popular product to use product placement. According to one article written in 2007, it was mentioned on network television over 3,000 times during the first half of that year. Ads for Coca-Cola can be found practically everywhere! In television commercials and magazine and newspaper ads.  Product placement for Coca-Cola has been used in a number of movies and television shows. Check out this audition tape from American Idol! Did you notice how many times the judges Coca-Cola cups were filmed? I counted eleven, but I may have missed a few. Also, did you check out the couch two of the contestants were sitting on? It was red with white outlines of Coca-Cola bottles. Coca-Cola is one of American Idol’s top sponsors. If you check out americanidol.com you will see the Coca-Cola logo in the top right corner.

But American Idol isn’t the only place to find Coca-Cola. Commercials for the sugary soda are played everywhere. Since before the 1950s Coca-Cola has entered our homes to join our family. Think about it: while watching your favorite television program with your family Coca-Cola comes in and influences us to buy it. And the commercials are targeted to all different types of people. Like in this commercial with African Americans. They don’t actually talk about the product or say the name; it just shows a group of young African American men singing gospel music while holding Coca-Cola cans. The message they were sending was that Coca-Cola is for everyone.

    Coca-Cola also knows how to be seasonal! Every year Coca-Cola comes out with a fun new Christmas commercial, reminding you to enjoy a nice, ice cold coke this holiday season! It even features a song by Natasha Bedingfield!

Many celebrities have endorsed Coca-Cola throughout the years. Some famous ones are with Christina Aguilera, Bill Cosby, and Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

Coca-Cola has been around since 1886. Billions of people drink this delicious soda daily. It is sold in schools, shopping malls, restaurants and other stores. Some might call it “The soda of America”.


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