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Rahul Thadani speaks the truth in his article about Facebook when he says “it can be useful or disruptive, only if you allow it to be.”

Why do we like to spend our time on social networking sites and post our day-to-day activities online? How does it benefit us as individuals and as a society? Since what seems like the beginning of time Facebook has become a top social networking site.

Facebook does have many positives, such as reconnecting with old friends and promoting yourself and any other work you do. Thadani also listed that playing different video games and sharing music are positives of Facebook. Do you think those are positives? Sure they are an added bonus but more so they are there to keep you on Facebook longer. The longer you are on Facebook, the more advertisements you see.

A big part of how Facebook gains its revenue is through advertisements. Also known as indirect payment, Facebook made $1.6billion dollars in the first half of 2011. One article states that Facebook is the operating system for delivering ads on the web.

While you are writing on your friends' wall, playing a game, or reading your newsfeed thousands of ad's pop up on the side of your screen waiting to be clicked and viewed.

I for one am annoyed with the ads all over my Facebook homepage. It may be a positive to the Facebook Company but as a user on Facebook it’s annoying and unimportant to us. People go on Facebook to see what there friends (or foes) are up too. What are they posting? How do they look? Thadani says that some cons of Facebook is that people can go on your profile and know what is happening in your life at all times. I often find myself censoring what I say on Facebook even though it is MY profile about ME and I should be allowed to say what I want right?


Anyone can see your Facebook profile, whether they are your friend or not. When looking for new employees and reading applications, employers not only read applications but also check out the candidate’s Facebook page. According to this article in the New York Times, if bosses see something they don’t like, such as provocative pictures and inappropriate language, then they do not hire that person. Is it okay for employers to do that? Would you consider this an invasion of privacy?

Not only can employers view your profile, but also so can thousands of your “friends” (let’s be honest, you aren’t actually close friends with EVERYBODY on your Facebook page) and they might not have such good intentions. Like that guy in your French class you turned down the other day, he might show your professor all of your ‘red cup’ pictures you took the night before the big exam. Uh-Oh! And maybe you shouldn’t have been complaining about how your adviser “sucks @ getting me the classes i need! i h8 her!!!!!” because your jealous roommate showed her that! So basically, censor your Facebook.

Saying I agree with the articles would be an understatement. Facebook, though fun and addicting, can be dangerous and harmful to your reputation. The old phrase “Think before you speak!” will soon turn into “Think before you post!”. And be sure to set your privacy settings!

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