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If you haven’t heard, Towson University was given a visit recently by the crew of the one and only Ellen DeGeneres!

Ellen has been entertaining America for years. Though I don’t follow her show on a day-to-day basis (“surprisingly”, I have tons and tons of assignments to do) I always like to keep up with what she is up too. Sadly though I did not make it on her show like some of my fellow classmates. Check it out here!

After hearing all the hype on Ellen I immediately went on Google, the world’s best search engine in my opinion, to find out all I needed to know about her. Who wouldn’t? She is just so interesting! This led me to her show’s website! I must say it is very well done. People can go on to her site to view more information on stories she had on her show and fun, exclusive videos that relate. The current popular topic, not surprisingly, seems to be teen sensation Justin Bieber!

But Ellen’s site offers more then just funny videos and recaps of the latest stories. She also has contests you can enter that are a lot of fun! Today’s contest was to send a picture of two cute things and write about it. To those of you who are wondering I did enter myself in so please wish me luck! These contests are put under the “Be on the show” section.There are so many ways you can be on the Ellen DeGeneres show such as sending her a funny videos or photos, email her, tell her about a secret talent you have.

One feature that I really admired was a section for a charity.  Currently you can find information on how to make a donation to Whitney elementary school. Not a lot of television shows talk about the importance of helping those in need. Besides Whitney elementary school, Ellen has worked with wonderful charities such as  The Gentle Barn, Feeding America, American Red Cross,and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This particular story really touched my heart, I know one thing I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Of course, what would a website be without advertising? However, that is one thing the clever talk-show host lacks. There is one banner on the top of her page and the top and bottom both advertise Yahoo! The rest is all her! Fascinating! Would you say this is a positive or a negative? I think it’s nice to see fewer advertisements because personally, they annoy me. But do you think this was a good business move? She and her company could be making so much money just from indirect payment. Clearly Ellen DeGeneres is doing fine on her own and does not need to be supported by advertisements. Would you add more ads? I don’t think I would.

One thing I would like to change however is the colors. Each page needs more color and different tabs should be in different fonts, sizes, and colors to catch the reader’s attention. The white background tends to make a lot of things blend in and the deep turquoise color does not pop out. I would add some pink, yellow, green and even orange to grab the reader’s attention quicker. But this is all just my opinion, what do you think?


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